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Dear colleagues and friends,

This personal web page was created having purpose to share the information on art of Litvakes - Jews of Lite with colleagues, friends and enthusiasts all around the world.

"Lite," "Lito" are the terms that Eastern European Jews in Yiddish and Lithuanian rabbinic Hebrew languages referred to Lithuania and the neighbouring territories. Today, the concept "Lite" stands for the Western part of the Eastern Europe, which encompasses the territories of the five independent countries - present-day Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, North Eastern part of Poland and a narrow stretch of Northern Ukraine. This territory is very important for researching into the development of Jewish art, because here were born, grew up and received first education many young Jewish people, later world-famous artists: Boris Schatz, Chaim Soutine, Marc Chagall, Neemiya Arbitblatt, Max Band, Issai Kulvianski, Emanuel Mane-Katz, Pinchus Krémègne, Michel Kikoïne, Lasar Segall, El Lissitzky, Issachar Ber Ryback, Natan Altman and hundred of others. I hope you will find this page interesting to read and to share the information you have.  

With warmest wishes,
Dr. Vilma Gradinskaite