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Co-author „Histories of Jewish communities: Pasvalys, Pušalotas, Ramygala, Simanas, Šėta, Šiauliai, Vabalninkas, Zarasai", Synagogues in Lithuania, Catalogue, vol. 2, N–Ž, Vilnius, 2012.

"Comparative Study of Survived Cultural Heritage of Lithuanian Minorities: Cultural Traditions and Modern Transformations in Jewish, Karaites and Tatars communities,“ Materials of the 1st Lithuanian post–doc conference in Vilnius, Vilnius, 2011, p. 29–34, in Lithuanian.

"Six Stories: the Jewish Museums in Lithuania", Caitshrift (Цайтшрифт), T. 6, Minsk-Vilnius, 2011, p. 103-119, in Russian.
pdf The Jewish Museums in Lithuania

"Works in Graphics by Arthur Kolnik", Visnik ( Вiсник ), No 9, Kharkiv, 2011, с. 103-116, in Russian.
pdf Graphics by Arthur Kolnik

“Attitudes of Interwar Lithuanian Art Critics towards Jewish Art“, Jewish Artists and Central-Eastern Europe, Wydawnictwo DiG, 2010, p. 337-344.
pdf Jewish Artists, 2009

“Reflection of Lite Jews Self-awareness in Jewish Art”, East–West: Comparative Studies IX, Vilnius, 2010, p. 422-427, in Lithuanian.
pdf Reflection of Lite Jews Self-awareness in Jewish Art

“Six Stories: the Jewish Museums in Lithuania“, Collections of Lithuanian Museums. The 13th Scientific Conference “Lithuanian Museology: Development and Personalities,” Kaunas, 2010, No 9, p. 80-86, in Lithuanian.
pdf Six stories: Jewish Museums in Lithuania

Co-author „Histories of Jewish communities: Anyksciai, Birzai, Daugai, Marijampole“, Synagogues in Lithuania, Catalogue, vol. 1, A–M, Vilnius, 2010.

“The New Artistic Expressions in the First Half of the 20th century: Synthesis of National and Modern Jewish Art”, The Heritage of Jewish Culture: History and the Present, Vilnius, 2009, p. 207-216, in Lithuanian.
jpg The Heritage of Jewish Culture 2009   pdf Synthesis of National and Modern Jewish Art

“Jewish Artistic Life in Inter-War Lithuania”, Visnik ( Вiсник ), No 12, Kharkiv, 2009, с. 180-190, in Russian.
pdf Jewish Artistic Life in Inter-War Lithuania  pdf Visnik, 2009,  No 12, Content

“Modern Jewish Art in Lithuania”, Jews in Lithuania: History, Religion, Heritage, Vilnius, 2009, p. 245-249, in Lithuanian.
pdf Modern Jewish Art in Lithuania

“Caricature in Interwar Lithuania: Pioneering Ideas and Political Aspects in Art by Max Ginsburg”, From the Bible to Postmodernism. Studies on the History of Jewish culture, Moscow, 2009 p. 600-610, in Russian.
pdf From the Bible to Postmodernism 2009   pdf Caricature of Max Ginsburg

“Between Tradition and Modernity: Search for National Identity of Litvakes Community“, Culturology 16, East – West: Comparative Studies VIII, Vilnius, 2008, p. 185-196, in Lithuanian.
pdf Between Ttradition and Modernity

“Concepts of Jewish Art”, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art Studies IV. Interactions of Problem Fields of Aesthetics and Art Philosophy, Vilnius, 2008, p. 480-484, in Lithuanian.
pdf Concepts of Jewish Art

“The Images of Jerusalem of Lithuania as a Holy City in Raphael Chvoles’ Works, ,Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual International Conference on Jewish Studies, Vol. 2, Moscow, 2008, p. 471-482, in Russian.
pdf Images of Vilna in Raphael Chvoles' Works

“Avant-Garde and the Artistic Life in Vilna at the Beginning of the 20th century. Vilna Drawing School – École de Paris”, Proceeding of the International Conference “Avant-Garde and Cultures: Art, Design, Cultural Environment," Minsk, 2007, p. 37-42, in Russian.
pdf Vilna Drawing School and Ecole de Paris

“Jerusalem of Lithuania: the Collection of Rafael Chvoles Art at Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum“, Collections of Lithuanian Museums. The 10th Scientific Conference "Urban Cultural Heritage in Museums," Klaipeda, 2007, No 6, p. 43-50, in Lithuanian.

“The First Exhibitions of Jewish Artists in Kaunas (1920-1940) from the Art Critic’s Perspective”, IGGUD Selected Essays in Jewish Studies, Vol. 3, Jerusalem 2007, p. 115-129, in English.
pdf First Exhibitions of Jewish Artists in Kaunas

“Life in Sculpture“: the Collection of Jacques Lipchitz Art at Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum”, Collections of Lithuanian Museums. The 9th Scientific Conference "hnic Heritage in Museums," Rumsiskes, 2006, p. 63-69, in Lithuanian.

“Towards Abstraction and Individuality: Research into East European Jewish National Art”, Culturology 14, East – West: Comparative Studies V, Vilnius, 2006, p. 336-343, in Lithuanian.
pdf Towards Abstraction and Individuality

“The Modern Art Gallery of Neemiya Arbit-Blatt in Interwar Kaunas", Pinkas, Annual of the Culture and History of East European Jewry, Vol. 1, Vilnius, 2006, p. 168-180, in English.

“The Images of the Holy Land in 19th century West European Art”, Culturology 12, East – West: Comparative Studies IV, Vilnius, 2005, p. 567-580, in Lithuanian.
pdf Images of Holy Land

“Back to Shtetl: the Search for the Jewish Roots in Lite”, Acta Historiae Artium Balticae, Vol. 1, Artistic Identity, Vilnius, 2005, p. 138-143, in English.
pdf Back to Shtetl 

“Jewish Fine Art in Inter-War Lithuania,” Jewish Museum, Vilnius, 2005, p. 255-265, in Lithuanian.
pdf Jewish Fine Art in Inter-War Lithuania

“The Image of Christ as a Jew in Jewish Fine Art”, Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis: Historical Narratio: Problems and Exploration, No 30, Vilnius, 2003, p. 155-172, in Lithuanian.

“Augustinas Beinaravicius. Silelis / “Silelis” 1996. Installation“, Siaures Atenai, No 44 (485), 20 11 1999, p. 6, in Lithuanian.

“The Collection of Chasubles in Seda Church”, Seda, Zemaiciu praeitis, 1997, p. 104-113, in Lithuanian.

“The Ceramics Experiments in Panevezys”, Kulturos barai, No 10, 1996, p. 37-39, in Lithuanian.

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